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rdmaraschino‘Rising Dream Maraschino’ price: 55kn / 8 Euros
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Unique metal music from Zadar, deserves unique royal taste. There is no place for ‘another’ metal wine or beer. It is time for ‘king of all liquors’, Maraschino, The Royal pearl of the Maraska Inc. production crown. Maraschino (32%) is an original Zadar’s liqueur recognized all over the world. This liqueur is produced from the distillate of Dalmatian cherry Marasca and rightfully carries the name ‘king of all liqueurs’. It is an authentic Croatian product with over 500 years long tradition. Rising Dream Maraschino is original product manufactured by Maraska, famous company from Zadar.

Maraschino, as a prestigious drink, became popular very quickly in all European courts. It was respected and enjoyed by the British king George IV and the queen Victoria, the French kings Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis Philippe, the Russian tsar Nikola I, Napoleon Bonaparte, marshal Marmont. The courts of Vienna, the residence of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Kingdom of Denmark, Bavaria and many others supplied itself with Maraschino. On September 26th of 1887 the British heir to the throne, still a Prince of Wales at the time, and later the king George IV, visited the factory in Zadar. He called Maraschino the king of all liqueurs and records show that he placed a large order of Maraschino. There were many famous Maraschino admirers such as the great seducer Giaccomo Casanova, film director Alfred Hitchcock, writers and artists Rudyard Kipling, Somerset Maugham, George Bernard Shaw, Charles Baudelaire, Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles, Charlie Chaplin, just to name a few. There was also a large shipment of Zadar’s Maraschino found in stock on the sunken luxurious cruise ship Titanic. Maraschino is also the only Croatian product that may be bought in Vatican.