Rising Dream – metal band from Zadar, Croatia, with vast experience in club, arena and stadium shows including special guest slots with acts like Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Helloween and major festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Bloodstock Open Air, Masters of Rock, MetalDays, Metalfest, Exit, InMusic. We just finished recording our soon-to-be-released full length album “System Corrupt” – watch the music video for the title song at our official sites and YouTube channel, and check us out live worldwide throughout 2018. Album “System Corrupt” is recorded, mixed and mastered by Rickard Bengtsson at Sweetspot Sudio, Sweden (Arch Enemy, Opeth, Shinning, Spiritual Beggars, Grand Magus, Firewind).





tomislavsanic01TOMISLAV ŠANIĆ

Born: 27.04.1989.
Lives in: Šibenik
Play: Vocals
Uses: Shure microphones and Jackson Guitars
Joined RD: 2013
FB link: Tomislav
Business email: tomislav@rising-dream.com
● Music influences: Alice In Chains, Metallica, Luciano Pavarotti

Tomislav joined a band on summer 2013 replacing former singer Ines. Soon after, he went into Sweetspot Studios in Sweden to re-record vocals on already recorded album with Ines. Great collaboration with our producer and vocal trainer Rickard Bengtsson resulted with something very special.


joskobarbir01JOŠKO BARBIR

Born: 26.01.1983.
Lives in: Dublin
Play: Guitar
Uses: Ibanez 370 deluxe, ESP ltd Eclipse, Peavey Triple XXX Head
Joined RD: 2004
FB link: Joško
Business email: josko@rising-dream.com
Music influences: Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Pink Floyd

Joško is a founder of Rising Dream band and an author of numerous Rising Dream songs. He recently moved to Dublin, Ireland, but his contribution to the band is stronger than ever. Rising Dream band is literrary his child and his guitar scales with eastern touch sounds unique.


goranpaleka02GORAN PALEKA

Born: 17.02.1983.
Lives in: Zadar
Play: Guitar
Uses: Charvel Guitars, Peavey Triple XXX Head, CaptainFX Pedals
Joined RD: 2004
FB link: Goran
Business email: goran@rising-dream.com
Music influences: Iron Maiden, In Flames

Goran is Rising Dream guitarist from the beginning. In songwriting process, he mostly taking care about lyrics but also about great riffs and melodies. You can always contact him about band riders and interview applications on his email goran@rising-dream.com


filipletinic01FILIP LETINIĆ

Born: 14.05.1988.
Lives in: Zadar
Play: Bass guitar
Uses: Aries Senses custom, Yamaha RBX 775, Ampeg B2 RE
Joined RD: 2007
FB link: Filip
Business email: filip@rising-dream.com
Music influences: Pantera, Grave, The Prodigy

It is good to have a tattoo artist in the band, but it is not too good if this tattoo artist is tarantula breeder also. You never know when some spider will slip out from his pocket or tattoo machine, ha ha. Crazy on the stage, crazy in the life. Quite enough for Rising Dream.


igorgoic01IGOR GOIĆ

Born: 07.04.1985.
Lives in: Zadar
Play: Drums
Uses: Mapex V series
Joined RD: 2004
FB link: Igor
Business email: igor@rising-dream.com
Music influences: Soulfly, John Williams, Phil Collins, Fear Factory

A film director in a band. Another great opportunity for band’s videography. But if this director is a drummer and also extreme sports lover, things becomes little difficult. But Igor is much more thaan that. If any of you met him one day, you will know what we talking about.